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10 Must-Try Virginia Restaurants

October 2019

Virginia's diverse culinary landscape ranges from down-home Southern fare to global cuisine offerings borrowing talent from the legendary diversity of Washington, D.C.'s culinary scene.

Sense of Thai is the latest offering from restaurateur and bartender Jeremy Ross, located in the beautiful Virginia city of Ashburn. The restaurant offers indoor and outdoor dining spaces, including a romantic patio strung with ambient twinkling lights and a bar adjacent to its lively cooking station. MORE


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meet ashburn’s reality tv starts

bartender at sense of thai at one loudoun appeared on food network’s “chopped”

Chris Wadsworth - July 2019 (page 25)

Jeremy Ross is well known in Ashburn for the amazing cocktails he whips up nightly at One Loudoun’s hot spot restaurant Sense of Thai. But this talented mixologist has a secret talent than many of his regulars didn’t know about - he’s also one heck of a chef. MORE



How to make pad thai lemonade

it's not as wacky as it sounds

Jessica Sidman - August 2018

Oh, your kid’s sidewalk stand is just selling regular lemonade? Time for an upgrade. At Sense of Thai St. (20413 Exchange St., Ashburn), beverage director Jeremy Ross has created a Southeast Asian twist on the summer quencher he calls pad Thai lemonade. MORE


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Where to Drink Tiki Cocktails in D.C.

Drinks are better with little umbrellas in them

Missy Frederick - August 2018

Desperate for a tiki retreat out in the ‘burbs? Enter Sense of Thai. This Ashburn restaurant has Zombies, banana daquiris, frozen slushies, and plenty of original tiki concoctions at the ready through September 9. They even offer Dealer’s Choice tiki drinks. MORE


Middleburg life

The final frontieR loudoun's cocktail culture arrives

Trevor Baratko - July 2018 (page 35)

Ross has become the face of the county's most cutting-edge cocktail experience and, by extension, Loudoun's evolving cocktail culture. That was never more evident than on June 18, when Ross and crew launched their summer pop-up tiki bar, Nai-Ngae-Dee, a fun and splashy scene with the intricate, refreshing sippers to match. and MORE


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Tiki Time: Sense of Thai bar morphs into Nai-Ngae-Dee tiki bar for the summer

Times-Mirror Staff - June 2018

The chic, airy bar at Sense of Thai St. in One Loudoun has converted to Nai-Ngae-Dee, a fun and splashy tiki bar with a thirst-quenching batch of original and classic tropical cocktails. and MORE



Washington Area Eateries Face Off With 2Pac Vs. Bigge Smalls Latte & Cocktail Art

D.L. Chandler - February 2018

High-end dining and drinking options have long been on the rise in Washington, D.C. for some time, and a pair of new additions to the scene rolled out some cool Hip-Hop inspired things on their menu. A pair of eateries has rolled out inventive cocktails and lattes using art showing the images of 2PacNotorious B.I.G. and MORE


Washington city paper

Tupac and biggie are back. on your drink

Tim Ebner - February 2018

At Sense of Thai St., the rappers reveal themselves in egg-white foam in riffs on sour cocktails. Ross created one with tequila for the Tupac version and the other with brandy for the Biggie Smalls version.

It’s all part of a new rap-themed "hip-hop highballs" cocktail menu that matches the style and mood of the bar staff. “A lot of guys are huge fans of Biggie and Tupac,” Ross says. “We are just embracing that love for rap culture behind the bar.” MORE


The loudoun tribune

sense of thai st: every detail invites you

Jill Devine - October 2017

When Sense of Thai St. rolls up its wall of industrial exterior garage doors, borders disappear between the exciting energy of the streets of One Loudoun and the interior of this warm and inviting destination.   Laughter, chatter, and music spill out to the sidewalks, mingling beneath the stars with the conversations of pedestrians and the hum of traffic.  If you’re there on a Friday or Saturday night, you might even get pulled in to join a dance party. MORE

Northern Virginia

Sense of Thai St. launches summer tiki pop-up tonight: Ni ngæ̀ di

Stefanie Gans - July 2017

There’s no blender at this tiki bar.

There is, however, a classic daiquiri, Trader Vic’s-inspired mai tai and pina colada (Piscolda Punch) made with a base of clarified milk punch, which general manager and bar manager Jeremy Ross credits to Ben Franklin, that is not creamy but instead, he says, “a cleaner approach … without drinking a milkshake.” MORE

Washington city paper

d.c. chefs are quietly leaving city gigs to cook beyond the beltway

Laura Hayes - June 2017

“You never knew there was so much suppressed partying until you give someone a DJ,” he says, adding that he once had to ask a group of housewives out on a girls’ night not to dance on the bar. MORE


Northern Virginia Magazine

Best asian restaurants: No. 6

Stefanie Gans - April 2017

First off, Sense of Thai St. is stunning, which automatically sets it apart from the many other Thai and Asian restaurants in the area with humbler, smaller rooms decorated as an homage to tradition. Sense of Thai St. is modern and sleek and funky in the continually developing One Loudoun town center. The menu ranges from street food to pervasive noodle dishes. MORE

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reach for salty ingredients to season and balance cocktails

Amy Cavanaugh - Decemeber 2016

"One of the biggest missions for the beverage program was to create a parallel behind the bar with a lot of the common ingredients that are used in the food,” he says, noting that he uses ingredients like curry and Thai basil so the drinks pair better with the food. “There’s more to a Thai restaurant than just pad Thai and Thai beer." MORE

Northern Virginia Magazine

50 Best restaurants 2016: #8

Stefanie Gans with Warren Rojas - November 2016

Why America is great right now: lanna spaghetti, turning an Italian meat sauce into something with wisps of Thai. There are slices of housemade sausage plus more crumbled pork and noodles barely dressed—just remnants of a tomato sauce laced with fish sauce and tamarind paste and a little parmesan. Why is this so funky? Why is this so fascinating? It’s a mix. A combination. It’s pulling from Thailand and Italy in one mound of pasta and meat. It’s America in all its everyone-is-welcome glory. MORE



Shaking things up

Warren Rojas - November 2016

Jeremy Ross, general manager and beverage director at Sense of Thai St., is another fork-to-tumbler evangelist. He’s carrying on that tradition with a bar program featuring unadulterated spirits, fresh ingredients and custom flourishes. “We don’t do simple syrup. We do seasoned syrup,” he says. (Think salt- and spice-based infusions rather than sugar.) MORE


Loudoun now

There’s Nothing Old Fashioned about LoCo’s Cocktail Scene

Jan Mercker - November 2016

It’s personal. What makes great hospitality is when it’s personal and somebody cares about you and makes it about you instead of just copy and paste for everybody,” he said. “Every palate is different. MORE

Best New Restaurants 2016 / June 2015


Best new restaurants 2016: Sense of thai st.

Stefanie Gans - May 2016

Take a picture of one of the beautiful dishes, like chiang mai noodle, with egg noodles wrapped around pops of color provided by pickled mustard greens and red onions and crowned with crispy fried noodles, and swipe-paste the temperature and time to Sense’s filter: Bangkok’s Wat Arun temple, lit to a golden hue, over a midnight sky. MORE

NOVA Magazine: Review / April, 2016


Review: Sense of thai st. in ashburn

Stefanie Gans - April 2016

It was pretty perfect and somehow found a way to pair with the rest of my meal: a grilled yellowtail jaw, aggressively charred and tenderly juicy; a spicy, pungent salad of minced chicken with red onion, cilantro and lime; and a showstopper of a noodle dish. Crispy noodles combine with soft egg noodles for a dish that is vibrant with tang and spice and what I can only imagine is the chaotic allure of eating on the city streets of Bangkok. MORE

Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 11.12.25 AM.png

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thai one off in one loudoun

Kelsey Cornell - February 2016

What also sets us apart is the beverage program that I established to help showcase Thai food. Whether it’s the large list of Asian beers or the wine list featuring varieties from across the world, I wanted the drinks to not only taste good but amplify the food and dining experience. The biggest hit behind the bar has been the DEALER’S CHOICE option for cocktails. When a guest takes this route for a cocktail, we push the envelope on what most have grown to expect as the norm in a mixed drink. My goal is to never make the same drink twice for a guest because with every new drink comes an innovative combination of flavors and a different experience to take with it. MORE


Leesburg today

top dc mixologist makes cocktails, connections at ashburn's sense of thai st.

Jan Mercker - October 2015 (page 40)

Sense of Thai St. General Manager Jeremy Ross's creativity, attention to detail and homemade ingredients earned him a nod as one of DC's top mixologists. He's now bringing his cocktail-crafting expertise across the river to Loudoun. MORE

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jeremy ross in at upcoming sense of thai in loudoun

Missy Frederick - June 2015

The restaurant, which is planning a soft opening June 19, is part of the One Loudoun development in Asburn. Ross, who had been working as a cocktail consultant (as well as at Second State downtown), found out about the position through his consulting work. He'll serve as both general manager and beverage director. MORE

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mixologist jeremy ross of second state - biography

December 2015

Although he’d always had a passion for cooking, Ross was offered a job behind the bar and realized he could apply the same passion and precision he’d shown in the kitchen to cocktails. He even parlayed his love of cooking into drink creation by staging in his off hours first at 701 Restaurant and now at The Oval Room under Chef Tony Conte where he learned to layer flavors and the importance of subtlety. MORE